At the beginning of your cloud journey, or at a given point of that journey, you may ask yourself a number of questions, that go from “How do I migrate my workloads to a public cloud?”, or “How do I optimize my spending in a public cloud?” to “How do I manage my workloads in a public cloud?”. In searching the answers to those questions, and much more, you find the answer to a simpler, but much broader question: “Why do I need a Managed Services Provider?”

Being a next-gen AWS MSP is first and foremost being focused on the client: the clients’ needs are key! And to care for the clients’ needs means that we at Magic Beans are committed to three pillars:

  • Educate customers: on a proactive, ongoing basis, offering consultative and advisory services. The relation with client must be of a trusted advisor, and not of someone that is only present when something is broken and needs to be fixed. By being proactive in our communication with the client we try to prevent failure and lead the client in the right direction.
  • Lead with AWS Professional Services: by having the required talent and know-how. From day one of the relationship with the client we establish ourselves as experts, by having talented people with extensive training and years of experience in AWS. Training is a core part of our daily routines and a continuous process that we see not as a goal on itself, but as the mean to establish ourselves as experts in the matter, and to provide services accordingly.
  • Advocate to customers: the use of and evolution of AWS offers. As experts we pride ourselves on being always watchful for the evolution of AWS services, and finding a match between that evolution and the search for the “right tool for the job”. The constant evolution of AWS offers means so that clients can find new paths to deliver their workloads in a more optimized manner.

When you consider the burden of migrating your entire workloads to a public cloud it may seem overwhelming, not only the process itself, but the planning and the architecting that must be made in order to guarantee a successful migration. As a MSP Magic Beans can assist you in that process by leveraging the AWS Professional Services to help you define the architecture and the process, demystifying any preconceptions of complexity or lack of security that sometimes are associated with migrating to public clouds.

Having a MSP by your side is the best guarantee of a seamless and pain-free migration. But Magic Beans can do more: from the start of your cloud journey it is very important to consider the various services that AWS provides, as those bare the major benefits of this journey. Magic Beans can help you identify which can be leveraged to end with a more robust and optimized solution that you had on-prem.

But maintaining and managing an AWS infrastructure is a different challenge, one with a very different approach in comparison with on-prem. Again, AWS and Magic Beans have the tools and the know-how to make that a much smoother process, while being less time consuming. At Magic Beans we use industry leading monitoring tools to keep a watchful eye and guarantee that any event in your AWS environment is noticed, registered, and acted upon, if necessary. Events that require an action are, whenever possible, dealt with by using DevOps practices, always with an emphasis on automation, and self-healing infrastructures.

Automation is paramount in responding to events, as it represents the faster way to act upon those events, but only if compared to a more manual approach. At Magic Beans we try to be even faster, and to accomplish that we rely in predictive tools that help us decode tendencies and act even before potentially disrupting events occur, setting the trend towards a preventive approach and away from a reactive one.

If you already began you cloud journey and are looking to optimize your spending, Magic Beans, as an next generation MSP, is prepared to partner with you and make a thorough analysis of your cloud environment and recommendations and implement the changes necessary to optimize your spending, always keeping in mind the requisites for a robust and streamlined operation. At Magic Beans we believe our experience and training are invaluable tools, and every client is an opportunity. Training gives us the foundations but only sharing clients’ challenges can give you the insight needed to identify focal points that can contribute to large gains in performance and/or cost optimization.

In a fast paced world, where changes are a constant and performance is nothing without reliability and optimization, what you need to leverage the competitive advantages public cloud and specifically AWS can give you, is a solid partner that can help you focus on your business, instead of spending resources on implementing, managing and maintaining a tool (or toolset) for which you are not trained, experienced, or keen on exploring. We, at Magic Beans are that partner. And we are eager to show you that the real question is: How can you do without an MSP?