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Stelo is an artificial intelligence company which provides key data extraction and document verification services aimed at fighting fraud while optimizing operations and delivering unique user experiences, targeted at lending services, whether through credit card expedition or loan providers.


Stelo wanted to create a serverless REST API built over AWS, to process different kind of documents. That API however, had some requirements that needed to be met, such as, high availability, scalability, elasticity and low infrastructure costs, simplicity to setup, easy to build and no infrastructure management. Regarding infrastructure, Stelo would only use AWS, but for the code of the API they decided to use .Net Core.

Why AWS and Magic Beans?

Stelo chose Magic Beans as they were given references by AWS, about our experience and knowledge working with AWS Services as well as our agility and swiftness.


The first step of the aws solution was the implementation of Control Tower and Organizations to manage all the accounts and configuration of the company.

The second step was the migration of their GIT repository to Code Commit and creation of CI/CD pipeline on code pipeline.

Next, was the creation of the API Gateway to create the API, connected to .NET Core Lambda functions for the business logic, as well as, CloudFormation to automate service creation/configuration through templates and Amazon Textract to extract data from documents.

Next, DynamoDB as a document database to store the data of the application, as well as, allowing the recognition of Cognito credentials across regions.

Next, Amazon Cognito was implemented for API authentication, as it is the service with the best redundancy and availability possible.

Lastly, the final part of the solution was the creation of a Disaster Recovery solution that sums up in the following 4 points:
• Synchronization of the databases.
• Synchronization of buckets of the system.
• Creation of a second pipeline that launches to a disaster recovery region using the same CloudFormation templates.
• Route53 switch over from main region to disaster recovery region.

Stelo Architecture & Environments

Results and Benefits

With the implementation of the AWS solutions, Stelo is now able to have higher availability, scalability and elasticity greater, obtaining a separation of development, pre-production and production accounts, all within a unified environment.

They were also able to achieve a greater cost optimization as their infrastructure is based on serverless technologies, which allows applications to be easily built, and does not require infrastructure management.

Due to the IAC approach and the use of CI/CD pipelines, their infrastructure can easily be expanded upon or replicated as the company grows.

Ready to get started?

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